Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Wall Decoration with Plates

Dear Readers,

A couple of weeks ego somebody asked me special ceramic plates for decorate a baby girl room. I love to make unique things, my customers are very creative. This is the best inspiration for me. While I searched very busy the way, what the best to put the plate on the wall, she looked for girly decor and color, what fit the best to the room. Finally she added some positive messages too.

Decorate the wall with plates can be very cottage style or traditional but you can make modern unique decor too.  Beautiful with the cupboard:

You can buy wall hanger in different size and different color, mostly silver or gold. The good thing it is cheap, fix the different shape plates perfectly and only a tiny pieces is visible.
You can use double tape, very quick way and later when you want to change the design, you can remove the tape.
Arranging the plates and bowls are really up to your creativity:

Wall decor ideas from my board.

The positive message is important. You have to choose the right one:

I wish you courage for the next day. I'm sure you will do something very special!

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